Where has my dog gone? GPS Tracker for Dogs or Cats

Have you ever lost your dog or cat?

Then you understand the terror and anxiety that is associated with that event. Pets today are not just animals.

They are an integrated member of our families. Many people will do just about anything to protect their children and their pets.

Parents have wished they could put a tracker on their kids to stay informed as to what they are doing and where they are.

With the invention of the smart GPS wrist watch for kids, they can now know where they are and can give their child a way to get in touch with them as it operates as a phone as well.

There is now technology for the dog or cat that allows you to know where your pet is by the use of a smartphone or IPhone. The GPS tracking system for your pet is now a reality.

We all know that your dog or cat can get outside of their fenced area and either run off or get lost. With this GPS technology, you can find your pet and return them to their home in a quick and efficient manner.

We will discuss the latest difference in technology, what trackers are available, and how you can get connected with the best GPS tracker for dogs or cats.

What are the 2 basic types of technology?

The two basic types of technology are the Radio Trackers and the GPS (cellular) Trackers.

Radio Tracker:

These trackers have been around for a long time and are supported by older technology. The radio tracker is commonly used for hunting dogs and has a coverage area the same distance of the walkie-talkie. The price of this technology goes up with the distance required for its use.

GPS Trackers:

These trackers use the same technology as do the cellular phone. They use the same cell phone towers that your smartphone or IPhone do. This is the latest technology for the pet tracker.

This system has pin-point accuracy and can even let you know when your pet leaves a predefined geographical area. This system will even give you a history of where your favorite pet has been.

Since this is the same technology as the cell phone and they use the cell phone towers, a cellular service is required with the use of a SIM card.

As with any cellular system, either a pet monitor or cell phone, a monthly fee will be charged for its use.

Who is this for, you or the pet?

You love your pet and your pet loves you.


Sometimes though your dog or cat will decide to go on an adventure and wander off. This will leave them susceptible to getting confused and lost.


The American Humane Society estimates each year that about 10 million pets are either lost or stolen. This new GPS tracker has proven to be the best technology available today to stay in touch with your pet.

This is an excellent tool to have if your pet is a wanderer, an escape artist, or is on a trip with you to provide the comfort and assurance that they can always be found.

There are apps that you can place on your smart phone to track and monitor your pet’s whereabouts.

Several selections and what they offer.

I will highlight several highly rated and new GPS pet trackers for your convenience. Hopefully this will help in your search and allow you to quickly purchase the right GPS tracker for your dog or cat.

These systems have been evalated and ranked as the top picks on the market today.

Whistle GPS tracker:

The Whistle was one of the first GPS trackers to hit the market. It is used for pet owners that are one the go and want to monitor all of their pet’s activity.

These systems allows pet owners to know the location, whereabouts, and health of their pets.

It is very lightweight at only 1.3 ounces and has cellular up link that knows exactly where your pet is at all times. The battery will charge in under 1 hour making it available when it is needed for those potty breaks.

POD 3 GPS Tracker:

The POD 3 GPS system is a small clip-on that attaches to dog or cat collar. This system is great for cats as it has an easy release if the cat gets it stuck on something it is playing with.

This system comes with 2 sets of rechargeable batteries that allows your pet to wear the tracker at all times. You just interchange the batteries.

This device comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, it has worldwide coverage, and has live tracking of your pet.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker:

The Tractive GPS is one of the newest additions to the GPS pet trackers on the market. The tracker monitors health, has a pet tracker collar, and has dog training technology. This system is very rugged and useful around brush and water areas.

Wüf GPS Tracker:

The Wuf is new to this market and is quickly becoming one of the smartest GPS dog collar today. When this item came out, it quickly sold out and had to be put on a pre-order system.

This system has pre-programmed dog training programs, invisible leash setting, and a two-way audio making it stand out in its field.

Garmin Astro 320 GPS Collar:

The Garman GPS system first came out with handheld GPS systems for the human, but now has a line of GPS dog collars. This system is remotely controlled and widely used by hunters and their hunting dogs.

This system has a range of around 9 miles and has an up date feature every 5 minutes. The Garman can track up to ten dogs at one time.

What is needed to get the GPS tracker for my pet.

Most cellular providers have the coverage plans for the new GPS pet trackers. You will be able to use your same system as you use for you smart phones or IPhones.

It will be best for you to decide what you need in a pet tracker system before you buy so that you do not buy options or capability that you will not utilize.

A good pet tracker can be easily setup and adapted to your dog’s/cat’s size and activity levels.

You can spend a lot of money on these GPS systems, so do your homework before you buy.

Never lose your pet again!

I hope I have provided you with the information you need to go ahead and purchase the right GPS tracking system for you dog or cat.

I will be buying a system for my Pomeranian as my wife and I will be traveling with our small dog (Pom). This will give us the security that we will be able to monitor and find our loved pet if needed.

If you are planning to go hunting with your dog, take leisurely walks, or travel; these GPS pet tracking systems are for you.

Make sure you get the system that suits your individual needs and fits your budget.


I encourage you to take advantage of my research and purchase you GSP tracker for dogs and cats using the links I have provided above for the best and most economic systems.

I hope you have found this article valuable to your search for the right GPS system for your pet.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave those below and I will get back to you ASAP.






14 thoughts on “Where has my dog gone? GPS Tracker for Dogs or Cats

  1. Very useful and informative post. For us who are having dogs, it is very important to know what tools technology is offering. One of our dogs got lost several years ago, and we did not find him. I still remember the agony of unknown and it lasted quite some time. I hope with these technology tools we will be able to make our pets safe. Thank you for addressing such important problem.

    1. Thanks for the comment and sharing your personal experience. Loosing a pet can be very traumatic and there is no reason to if you can buy the technology that helps you quickly find them.

      I’m glad you found this article of value.

  2. Hi there,

    That was a great article. I never knew they actually have these kind of GPS for pets now. This is great to hear. Cats just love to wander off. It is such a scary feeling when they don’t come back.
    I will be definitely be sharing this with my friends.


    1. I am so glad you found this article of enough value to share with your friends. That is why I write these post to help people.

      This is great technology to have for your favorite pet, either a dog or cat. Both like to escape and go on adventures. The adventure becomes a nightmare when they get lost.

      thanks for the comments and let me know if I can help out in any other way.

  3. My cat is always going missing and even though I know it comes back, this tracker will give me the peace of mind. Thank you for helping me out.


    1. Today as pet parents we have a lot of investment into our furry friends. This technology helps protect that investment, both in money and love.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and provide comments. I value that.

  4. Oh this is really great! I have one dog that likes to wonder. If I open the door and don’t pay attention to where he is, and he gets out, then that is it. He won’t come back to my command. I have to get in the car and go look for him. There have been a few times, when we did not find him right away, but thankfully someone else did. I love this. I am going to look at them and see which one works the best.

    1. I too have a small dog that shoots for the open door every chance she gets. Thankfully she always has come back, usually she looks like she rolled around in a mud puddle.lol

      I hope you do find the one that fits your needs and helps you keep in contact with your loved furry friend/family member.

      Thanks for the valued comments and I am glad I could help.

  5. Hi Donald!

    Thanks for writing this great article. My son’s dog keeps running off and sometimes he can be hard to find. He always finds his way back but sometimes it take a little longer than comfortable. My sons birthday is coming up and I’m thinking of buying one of the trackers you recommended.

    I don’t know if the size of the dog really makes a difference? What would you recommend for a medium sized dog that is quit furry?

    Also my son has an android phone if that makes a difference

    Thanks in advance! Steve

    1. Most of these trackers are compatible with both IPhone and Android. The size of the dog does matter, small, medium, or large, so get the one that fits your dog.

      As usual, the collar should fit snuggly as so the pet can’t lose it. I think you will find this a good investment in your loved furry friend.

      Thanks for the comment and I hope I have answered your questions. If not, just drop me a note. My recommendation would be the Whistle, reasonably price and a good product. Thanks

  6. My children have been nagging me for a puppy for a while now and that is one of the things I am worried about is it getting out of the house and getting lost.
    How old does a dog need to be to get it chipped?

    1. You should consult your vet to see when they are comfortable chipping a puppy. The chip relies on someone taking your puppy to a vet and getting it scanned to see who the owner is. Or they might just keep the puppy.

      You can put a tracker on them at anytime. The tracker tells you where to go to pick the puppy up. To me, this much more reliable.

      I have all of my dogs chipped, but when my wife and I go traveling like we plan, we will be putting a tracker on our Pomeranian case she gets loose as she will be traveling with us.

      Thanks for stopping by and providing the comments. I hope this helps.

  7. Hi Donald,
    This is a great post and it will be wonderful for pet owners to take the worry about losing their beloved pets. It is such a terrible feeling when a pet goes missing. Our Great Dane was let out of the gate by a workman when we were out and hit by a car. Fortunately not killed but it took a while to track him down and eventually found him at the vet. A kind neighbor had taken Big Ben in and he was stitched up. It was a hard lesson to learn, to have him tagged.All the best. Jill

    1. This technology is a piece of mind for the owner and lightweight enough that the pet won’t even know it is there. I especially like the one that had 2 way audio.

      Great you recovered you Great Dane and I am so glad you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested in the subject matter.

      Thanks you.

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