What Is The Best Way To Keep Your Dog Safe, Best Dog Harness!

Let me show you how to keep your dog safe.

Everyone loves their dog and now days the dog goes where we go.

My wife and I are traveling in a motor home with our dog and so far the dog loves it. So, what did we do to help keep our loved dog safe both during traveling and walking our dog in various RV parks.

Every RV park is different, but the common thing is there is a lot of dog owners traveling with their pets. This means you have to be aware and know how to keep your dog safe while around strange dogs.

No matter if you are walking your dog in a RV park or a regular park, the need to have your dog a safe distance from other dogs’ is paramount. You never know how other dogs’ might act or react around your pet.

Also, while traveling, either in a car or RV, your dog is merely a flying object if they are not properly harnessed. You never know when you might have to take a defensive action when others don’t drive safely.

In this article, I will show you how to keep your dog safe when traveling and during the simple task of just walking your dog through the proper use of the best dog harness.

Traveling? Harness Your Dog!

According to the National Hihgway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about 10% of all fatal auto crashes and 18% of injury crashes are caused by some form of distraction.

If your dog is not secure in your vehicle while you travel, they can be easily become that distraction. This is a dangerous situation.

Dogs have a way to be distracted themselves and they can become very excited while in your car.

This can cause a commotion that can cause the driver not to have their attention on the road ahead of them.

The best way to keep a dog secure and all the occupants save is a dog harness that is designed for the size of your pet. Keeping your dog fixed in your car will keep the passengers, driver, and the pet safe.

Walking? Harness Your Dog!

I have a small dog that has never reacted well to collar training. When I started to use the dog harness, she (dog) reacted very favorably to the harness and has actually training well to walking and listening to my commands.

When you are walking a dog, having control of their actions is important for the safety of your dog and will give you the owner the peace of mind.

When buying a dog harness, get the harness suited for your use. Not all dog harnesses are created equal.

If you need a harness for traveling, you will need to get a harness designed for traveling. If you are harnessing your dog for walking, get a harness that is designed for walking.

Dog harnesses are not universal for both walking and traveling. Each has its unique purpose.

Pro’s And Con’s


  • Ease of use for the owner
  • Less stress for the dog while wearing the harness
  • Comfortable for the dog
  • It provides protection to the neck area that can be fragile on smaller breeds
  • Back clip harness is the most widely used
  • Comes in various colors choices and patterns


  • Will not correct behavioral problems while in training
  • Might need the use of another device to correct the dogs’ behavior if it becomes aggressive

What Makes A Good Harness?

A good dog harness needs to be comfortable, durable, and easy to adjust to fit your dog properly.

For harnesses that you use for traveling, the harness needs to be “crash tested”. A test that simulate as high speed crash will produce the potential high forces the harness might see in a crash.

When shopping for your traveling harness, makes sure it is crash tested to have the highest confidence that you have properly protected your dog in the unspeakable thought of having a crash.

When selecting a dog harness, make sure the harness is made of durable materials. Look for double stitching and buckles that will last. Choose materials that are of high construction and various strengths to have the best dog harness for your pet.

Every dog owner wants ease of use no matter if it is a dog harness or something more technologically advance such as a GPS dog collar. The dog harnesses should be easy to put on and off, and easy to adjust. This will lower any potential stress your dog might feel.

Some dog owners will prefer the padded dog harness as it will eliminate the possibility of skin chafing or it will not irritate any existing skin problems your dog might have.

No mater what type of kind of dog harness that you buy, it is a must that it is comfortable for your dog. This will make for a happy owner as well.

My Pet Is Worth The Price

My dog is worth the investment in the dog harness for traveling and walking. I know you feel the same way!

I will share with you a few of my personal choices for your purchase for the best dog harness.

EzyDog Drive Safety Travel Dog Car Harness

This is a crash tested dog harness that is comfortable and highly durable. The harness is easily attached to your car seat belt and comes with the Mag-Lok instant fit closure system.

Engineered for your dog’s safety and is made of very strong and high quality material. I recommend this as a buy!


Sleepypod Clickit Sport

This is another great crash tested dog harness for your traveling dog. This harness is highly durable and strong enough to protect your dog from the extreme forces you might see in a crash.

The harness comes with a padded front (may not be suitable for hot weather) and has reflective taping for good nighttime visible.

BINGPET Soft Mesh Dog Harness

I have a small breed dog and this is a great choice for that size of dog. It is lightweight and durable. It is a walking dog harness and not suitable for travel.

You can use this harness in warmer weather as it is highly breathable and fit very comfortable on your small dog. It comes in many colors and patterns to suit your needs and choice.



I hope you have found this article informative and helpful. As you can see, the dog harness is designed for specific needs and uses.

I would love to hear what you think about dog harnesses or share you experiences by leaving a comment below.







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