Weird Cat or Just Normal? Cat Behavior Problems!

Is it just me or is my cat just weird?

If you are a cat owner, then you have asked yourself this question.

Cats are strange, intriguing, and wonderful pets. Their curiosity and behavior is mesmerizing.

Cats are a lot like humans. They experience stress, fear, hunger, pleasure, anxiety, and other emotions that humans experience.

They will display differently for each of these items on how they deal with them.

Knowing what to look for can be helpful to the owner in providing a healthy and high quality of life for you feline companion.

We have had a cat in our family ever since our children were young. I have experienced firsthand how cats act and react to everyday life experiences.

I will discuss a couple of the cat behavior problems that we as a family have encountered and how to deal with them.

Is my Cat Normal or is it a Problem?

What is going on?

  • My cat runs around the house like a maniac.
  • My cat meows all the time.
  • My cat is scratching up all the furniture.
  • My cat will not stop biting and licking me.

Does my cat have a problem?

Is my cat normal?

When cats are around other cats, they communicate any many different ways. They exhibit different meowing sounds for different meanings.
They will mark their territory and humans.

They will show body language by subtle ear movements or tail twitches/position. Some of these behaviors can be an expression of affection or a warning of aggression; or cat behavior problems.

Either way, they are communicating to you and you should try to understand what they are try to tell you.

Stop Meowing Already!

Did you know that when a kitten is born, they do not have sight or hearing. That is why they often meow to get the attention of their mother and show that they need something such as food.

Adult cats can do the same. They might be trying to tell their human they require something such as food or attention.

Cats can display many different types of vocalizations.

Here is a list of a few:

  • Purring
    • A cat will purr when they are happy or content. The purr can also mean that they are sick or injured. If this is the case, the purr can act as an internal massage for them.
  • Crying or Howling
    • This sound typically mean that the cat is trying to warn off something such as another cat in their territory.
  • Growling or Hissing
    • A cat will growl when they have become irritated, afraid, or angry. The growl is the first warning sign as the hiss is the final warning.
  • Beep sound
    • This is a short sound the cat will make if they want your attention. This is like the human saying, “excuse me” or “hey”.
  • Burble sound
    • The burble is a mixture of the meow, purr, and growl. It does not necessarily mean anything is wrong, but they are trying to say, “look at me because I need something from you”. For Example, they will make this sound if they want to be let inside because it is cold outside.
  • Wailing sound
    • This usually means a cat wants your attention and you are not acting fast enough for them.

These are some examples of sounds that your cat might make and most do not mean they are issues that you need to address. However, if you cat starts making a lot more noises than usual, it might be time for a visit to your veterinarian.

Scratching, Use the Dang Post!

Cats use smell to recognize you or their environment. The way they do this is by marking their territory.

They leave their mark by scratching. It is only natural for them to scratch. You will find out that cats are attracted to certain types of fabric.

You can use this to your advantage.

This can lead to big problems around the house if you have nice furniture that you do not want all scratched up. One way to avoid this problem is to provide your cat with a scratching post with their favorite fabric or a large stuffed toy they can dig their claws into.

You can sprinkle any of these items with catnip to attract them to these posts or toys.

Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t.

In the case it does not work, you can talk with your Vet and see what they recommend. If this is a big problem, the Vet can declaw the front paws of the cat or cover their claws with a small plastic cover to lessen the effect of their scratching.

I would recommend that declawing be your last resort as this can be difficult for you cat. It is a process of physically removing the claw and is considered surgery.

This procedure should only be performed by a qualified Vet that is familiar in the surgery technique.

Stop Licking and Biting Me!

Licking for a cat is a natural way of cleaning and grooming. But when the licking becomes excessive or obsessive, then they can do harm to themselves. If a cat obsessively licks themselves on their belly, it usually means that they are in pain or very stressed out.

They will lick until there is no hair left. This is a sign that you should immediately take your cat to your Vet.

If you cat is not in any form of pain, then they are stressed and you can give them supplements or special diets to help them deal with this stress.

When a cat excessively bites, this can be an indication that your cat is in fear or angry about something. This can be a defensive maneuver for your cat, so be aware of their emotions.

As well as biting in anger, if your cat gently bites or nibbles at you, this could be a sign of affection to their favorite human.

Believe me, you will know the difference!

My Cat Runs My House.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, you cat is the boss of your house!

These are just a few ways that your cat is trying to communicate to you for the good or the bad. I have personally experienced these behaviors in my cat.

No matter how your cat is acting, never punish your cat. Give them praise or a treat every time you see a behavior that you like.

One way to give your cat a frequent treat or keep you with all the toys and tools you need as a cat owner is through Monthly Subscription Boxes for you cat.

These are a great way to lessen the burden of being a cat owner by having items you need monthly delivered to your door.

Monthly Subscription Boxes for your Cat

Here are a couple of suggestions for you monthly subscription box for your cat:

  • Prized Pet
    • Your pet deserves to be spoiled. This is what Prized Pets believes and advocates. Based on your needs, they will carefully choose your pets favorite treats, food, toys, and other items for your pet at affordable prices.
  • KitNipBox
    • Their boxes contain the best high-quality cat toys, all-natural treats, and healthy cat products
  • CrateJoy
    • CrateJoy believes in providing your pet with the pet themed box you choose to fit you and your pets needs. They just want to pamper your pet with the box that helps you dog with any need such as slobbing, barking, or just playing with toys.

  • PetTreater
    • Pet Treater is another great provider of dog and cat subscription boxes that believes that each pet is an integral member of your family. They offer a great variety in each box and easy on your budget.

You can read in more depth about Monthly Subscription Boxes in an article I wrote by pressing here.

Your cat may not be crazy, just trying to communicate with you. Do not mistake the good for cat behavior problems.

So enjoy your time with your cat as they will learn a lot from you and you will learn a lot about them!

If you have any question or comment, please leave that below and I will get back to you ASAP.

4 thoughts on “Weird Cat or Just Normal? Cat Behavior Problems!

  1. Do cats really beep and burble? I’ve never heard it from mine, all she does is miaow for her food and hiss at the dogs when they hop up on the couch disturbing her. I have heard her yowling at the neighbours cat but there you go I’ve learnt something new and I’ll definitely be keeping an ear out for the beep and burble.

    1. Glad I could help you learn something new. Cats are intriguing creatures and will entertain you for hours on end.

      Our cat attached herself to me and I think I have heard every noise possible come out of her.

      All she wants to do is sit in my lap and sleep. However, until I did this research for this article, I didn’t know what the sounds meant.

      My aim is to educate, not only me, but my audiences. Thanks so much for the comment.

  2. What a great article. What’s so interesting about it is that you cover everything I have being dealing with two kittens that my grandson gave me. I took into my home because they were homeless kitten, about 12 weeks old when I got them.

    I thought that one of my kitten have bi-polar, because what you said about biting and scratching me all over is no joke, actually the both have took over the house. They climb on top of the freezer stove and chairs and TV. They move things around where they want it to be.

    Every morning I have to clean up the whole house as though I had children in the house. They won’t let me sleep, and when I close the room door to try and get some rest, one of them just meow so loud for me to open the door. The other one slide my nail file and other little things under the door to get my attention.

    I am so happy to run upon this article. I will be buying Catnip tomorrow.
    My kittens think they own the whole house. They have taken over!

    Thank You!
    For an awesome article.

    1. Thanks so much and I am very glad you found this informative. Yes, buy the catnip as you can redirect their playfulness to an area that won’t be so destructive. The cats are like children, they need to be taught where and what they can do.

      Cats can be so interesting and wonderful to have around. They will always entertain you and your family.

      As you mentioned, cats love to hide and climb, this is natural for them as well. Good luck and thanks so much for taking the cats in and giving them a home.

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