Stop Itching! Best Cat Flea Treatment

If you were a flea, what would you want?  Much like our humanly needs, so does the common cat flea want the same.

They are looking for a comfortable place to live, a good supply of nutrients (food), a chance to raise a family, and a place surrounded by a lot of friends. Your fluffy cat provides all of the above.

So when your cat walks by, they will take their leap of faith into their new home and neighborhood.

So what is the best cat flea treatment to discourage this infestation onto your favorite cat?

Here we will be discussing several options and courses to take to prevent this from happening, giving your cat and you peace of mind.



The life-cycle of a flea..

Even though the life cycle of a common cat flea is only about a month, they live it to it’s fullest. The flea will go through 4 stages in life.

There is the egg to larvae to pupa to adult stages. The flea is the most dangerous in the larvae and adult stages.

In the larvae stage they require lots of nutrients, your cat’s blood.

In the adult stage, you guessed it, they reproduce (often). The female can lay up to 20 eggs per day if the cat provides a good home, being warm and plenty of nutrients.

Over half of all the eggs laid by the adult female flea will be female, thus, you start to understand how the flea population grows at such an alarming rate. Soon, all your pets will be infested.

Time to look for the best cat flea treatment or cat flea medication available today.

How do we stop the flea?

Scatching, scatching, and more scratching, this is the indicator your cat has fleas.

Everyone knows that cats are self-cleaning freaks. They are always grooming themselves.

Fleas a not dumb, they will figure out where the cat can not reach in their grooming efforts and that is where the population of fleas will reside.


The three methods of treating flea infestation is removal of the cat from the environment that has the fleas, frequent vacuuming of the invested areas, and the use of flea elimination products.

Today we will talk about the flea treatment for cats and if there is a natural flea control for cats as well.

Cat Flea Medication or FleaTreatment

Here we will talk about the different cat flea treatments and cat flea medications that are most commonly used.

Flea Collars:

A flea collar is a cat flea medication that utilizes specific chemicals that disperse over your cat to kill adult fleas and to stop eggs and larvae from developing.

Flea collars will typically last a few months and you need to be careful to make sure your cat is not sensitive to the collar.

Seresto flea and tick collar by Bayer has one of the highest ranking on the market today by many sources. Seresto works for all life cycle stages of the flea and is non greasy and odor free.

ProGuard Plus flea collar is also highly rated.  ProGuard uses essential oils to repel the Flea which is also good for your cat’s skin and leaves a pleasant smell for your cat.

Topical Treatments:

Topical cat flea medication is typically applied to the cat at the base of the neck or between the shoulder blades (which is one of the more preferred).

Many topical cat flea treatments are effective against ticks and mosquitoes as well as fleas. These treatments work within the cat’s seat glands and is emitted over the entire body for the killing of the fleas.

Advantage II is a highly sought after topical cat flea treatment that can provide up to 30 days of protection that kills adult fleas with 5 to 10 minutes of application and kills 99% of larvae within 20 minutes. All fleas will be dead within 12 hours.

This treatment can not be washed off.

Frontline Plus for Cats is another cat flea treatment that is highly rated by consumers. This treatment utilizes powerful active ingredients and an insect growth regulator to kill adult fleas as well as eggs and larvae.

It is also effective against chewing lice. This cat flea treatment will provide up to 30 days of protection and will kill the fleas within 24 hours of application.

Flea Spray:

This is typically one of the most inexpensive methods of flea control. The cat flea treatment sprays can be used to kill fleas that are already on your cat.

Most flea sprays will need to be massaged into the cat’s skin and coat for maximum efficiency. However, you will need to keep the cat dry as this treatment can be easily wiped off.

Vet’s Best Natural Flea & Tick Spray is made from plant-based ingredients which including certified natural essential oils to provide powerful and non-toxic protection against cat fleas and ticks.

Everyone should read the warnings on all label, but this protection is for cats and kittens under 12 weeks of age.

Natural Care Flea & Tick Spray cat flea medication that is derived from natural plants ingredients and is similar tot the Vet’s best as it is safe for all ages of cats and leaves a pleasant smell on the cat.

Flea Oral Medication:

Pill cat flea medications can provide up to 30 days of protection. There are some products that also protect against ticks, heart worm, and other internal parasites.

These medications have a low risk for side effects such as vomiting or diarrhea, though some cats develop anxiety and become depressed, or lose their appetite.

These can be difficult to administer (have you ever tried putting your hand in a cat’s mouth, OUCH!).

Novartis Capstar Flea Control Tablets is rated as one of the most highly rated oral cat flea medication on the market today.

This pill is fast acting and is effective within 6 hours of the start of the medication to your cat. However, this protection will only last 24 hours as you will need to administer every day.

You can use cat flea medication such as this to get kick start on the elimination of a flea infestation followed up by another qualified treatment for longer lasting qualities.

Comfortis Flea Pill is a prescription medication that comes in a chewable form and easy to administer to your cat. This will be up to 98% effective against your flea problem on your pet. Comforis will last up to 30 days.

Flea Shampoo:

This is typically a short term cat flea medication product. This treatment will kill existing adult fleas and help wash away any larvae or eggs. This will typically require multiple treatments until the infestation is gone.

Natural Chemistry De Flea Shampoo is cat flea treatment that is made with safe, natural ingredients.

It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or insecticides. This cat flea treatment will last up to 7 days and is soothing to your cat’s skin and coat.

This shampoo might have a strong odor at first and is not recommended for kittens.

Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo with Precor is a cat flea treatment and tick shampoo is one of the most effective and long-lasting shampoos on the market today.

This shampoo is effective against fleas, ticks, and lice as well as flea eggs and larvae. It contains soothing ingredients like aloe, coconut extract, lanolin and oatmeal.

It also provides a full 28 days of protection against fleas in all life cycle stages.

What do I do now?

I am trying to kick start your process of providing the best cat flea treatment available for your family member (your cat), I strongly recommend considering the type of cat you have the age and health of your cat before applying cat flea medication.

Natural flea treatment for cats is always a good alternative.

Being a cat owner, I recommend the Seresto Flea ad Tick collar for your cat. 

This has the longest protection and requires less maintenance for your cat.

Way less stressful for the feline in your house!

A Product Review

You can read my product review on the Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats by pressing this link for information on the best collar recommenced on the market today.

But remember who rules the house!


4 thoughts on “Stop Itching! Best Cat Flea Treatment

  1. Hi
    I have been trying to find information on fleas and now i have found it:)
    This is of interest to me as my daughter struggles with her cat which keeps catching fleas of off the neighbourhood cats ,she has treated her carpets and sofa so they cant be coming of off them.
    You have some very good detailed treatments which i will get her to try.
    Thanks again:)

    1. Thanks for the review.  I glad you found the information useful as that was my intent in helping people anyway can. The cat flea and tick collar maybe the route for your daughter if the cat is social. I recently wrote an product review you would be interested in on the Seresto Cat Flea and Tick Collar. It is one of the best on the market.

  2. So good to know about more options than the just the topical treatments that I’m so used to using on my cats. I’m definitely going to try the natural options next! I’m especially interested in the ProGuard plus. I didn’t know there was an essential oil flea collar out there in the marketplace. Awesome.

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