Show Them The Love! Cat Calming Products For Indoor Cats

Do you have an indoor cat?

Does your cat enjoy the indoors or do they like being outside the most?

Most of us do unless you live on a farm. The majority of cat owners today have their cats live indoors.

It has become a big debate on whether to keep your cat indoors verse outdoors.

Obviously, if your cat goes outside most of the time, they will be more susceptible to diseases, parasite, and even people (yes, people can pose a threat to cats outdoors).

For these reasons, many have decided to keep their cats predominately indoors. If you are one of those, there are things you need to be aware of.

In the article we will discuss what you need to do as an indoor cat owner to keep your cat happy, comfortable with their surrounding, and calm.

How Important IsThe Indoor Cat Environment

Cats have been living with us for over 12,000 years and have essentially domesticated themselves into the human living environment. Cats, however, have not domesticated to the same level as dogs.

The wild still exist within their being.

It is natural for them to climb, stalk, attack, and kick things as they did in the wild. This can lead to some pretty crazy cat behavior.

This is why it is important to give your cat an environment that still allows them to actively act out these inherent traits.

If you don’t, they will drive your crazy.

By giving your captive indoor cat the environment that they can thrive in will improve their health and it will provide less stress in their lives.

If you can encourage them to act out heir instinctive nature, they will exhibit less anxiety and you will be happier for it.

Cat toys is another good way to creatively help your cat enjoy his/her life while not tearing up your house.

Cat Friendly Areas In Your Home

Cats need to know they are loved and cared for. Here are some ideas to help you as the owner provide your cat the best home possible.

  • Food, water, and a place to go when nature calls.
    • The placement of the food and water is very important a cat feel most vulnerable while they eat.
    • This is instinctive as cats in the wild prey on their food source, but they are preyed upon as well.
    • You should place the food and water in a place that allows the cat to look out into the room.
    • The food, water, and litter box should be placed in a low traffic and low noise area as not to startle the cat.
  • They need to climb, stalk, attack, and kick things around.
    • Just because a cat lives indoors, doesn’t mean they loose their instinctive nature. Cats got to climb, stalk, and attack things as this will be natural for them.
    • It is important to provide them with the environment that allows this to occur naturally.
  • Visual, Auditory, and Olfactory
    • Cats need visual stimulation by watching things outside from perched inside. Cats will gaze outside for hours.
    • Cats will need stimulation from sounds as well. If you are away from your home for any extended period of time, it is good to let your radio play soothing music as a low level so the cat will enjoy that auditory stimulation and will stay calmer and relaxed.
    • Cats relate things and humans by smell (olfactory stimulation). They will identify everything around your house including you by the smell. This is why it is so important for them to scratch as this is how they leave their scent.
  • Humans need to be consistent with cats.
    • Cats are the happiest when they have a daily routine and it is not disturbed. If you observe your cat, you will notice that they have a routine that they do every day.
    • You as the owner can enrich that behavior by giving them consistent attention or treats. Daily play time is just as important as giving them treats or toys.
  • Companionship
    • It is always good for your cat to have a same species friend. Two cats will entertain themselves and help each other during stressful times.
    • Female cats tend to get along with each other more peacefully. Male cats can give you all type of different problems unless they have been neutered.

Keep Your Cat Calm, Cat Calming Products

The cats sense of smell is very strong and it is used to identify everything in their environment.

When the weather turns bad with lightning and thunder, the cat in your house can become very irritated and stressed out.

Products like Thundershirt for cats can help when this happens, but another method of calming your cat is through smell.

This can be a great way to soothe your cat and keep them calm.

This has made the use of cat calming sprays very popular among owners of indoor cats.

Your cat will smell the pheromones emitted from these sprays as it mimics the cats natural pheromones and can relieve your cat of stress.

So when you lower your cats stress level, your stress level will be reduce as well.

Two of the most popular of cat calming sprays are:

  • Feliway Spray
    • This spray is good for traveling cats and can help if your cat becomes anxious at the Vet during their visits.
  • Comfort Zone Feliway Diffuser Kit
    • If your cat has behavioral issues about going to the bathroom in the wrong spot, then this might be the product for you.

All Cats Need To Go Outside

As we discussed, it is instinctive for cats to hunt, stalk, and attack just as they would for their food in the wild.

Today’s domesticated cat will still need to do these things.

The best place is outside, but under your supervision. You should always give them a means of quickly coming back inside if they get afraid of something or startled.

Also remember, that the use of cat toys can help them with the instinct to jump and prey on something safe.

If you have a cat that likes to wander, then consider the use of a pet tracker device. I wrote an article on these that you can read here.

They are the best technology today in keeping in contact on where your pet is or has been (and they are smart phone friendly).

It is good for your cat to go outside and it is a great opportunity for you to bond with them during these times.

My Cat Loves His Home!

This is your house, but your cat will think it is theirs.

Now you better understand why your cat acts the way they do and what you can do to help them lead natural and happy lives.

You can have a great indoor cat and provide for them so they will live stress free!

You will live stress free as well!



I hope you have enjoyed this article and I hope it helps you manage your indoor cat’s needs.

I would love to hear what your think about indoor cats or your experiences by leaving a comment below.

I will get back to you ASAP.




4 thoughts on “Show Them The Love! Cat Calming Products For Indoor Cats

  1. Awesome article! One I can certainly relate to! I have 2 indoor cats, and I had to laugh at some of the things you mentioned throughout your article. My cats (they are brother and sister) are great companions, but can get wild sometimes! We also have a dog who loves to play with both cats. They keep him busy. Thanks for this great information!

    1. I have had a cat in our family all our lives. They have always been indoor cats, but the last one we had liked to venture outside. We would always leave the front door open so she could dart back inside when she got startled.

      I have never had multiple cat, but they doe entertain themselves and you a lot. I’m glad you enjoyed the article and thanks for the great comment.

      I have some great information on dogs also, feel free to visit the site and look around. thanks

  2. What a detailed article on what indoor cats need. I would never let a cat go outside unattended. I know cats do love to go outside, however. My dad solved this problem with a unique solution. He made a pulley system for my cat that attached to a clothes line strung from the house to the garage. It was attached to my cat’s collar. He could move around up and down the yard and sit in the sun.

    1. You Dad must have been an inventor, that was a great idea. Cat’s can get lost and they like to dart in front of cars, which is extremely bad.

      One of the things I pointed out was the pet trackers that are now available for dog and cats. This will let you know where your cat is and a history of where they went.

      Thanks for the great comment nd keep that cat safe.

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