Purrrrfically Great Cat Facts

Ever look at a cat and say to yourself, what the heck?

Cats can be very strange, but interesting creatures at the same time. If they are not sleeping, then they are getting into something.

Cats are the most popular pet in the USA. There are 88 million cats as pets compared to 74 million dogs. Maybe it is their independence or ability to just take care of themselves.

No matter what drives the statistics above, they are very intriguing and entertaining animals. You can watch a cat for hours with endless entertainment until they decide is time for a cat nap.

My family has had cats in the past and they have always been good with children while providing a companionship that only cats can do.

My experience is they will bond with one member of the family and most of the time will just want to curl up on your lap to nap.

In this article we will discover some of the most interesting, fun, and unknown cat facts.

Interesting Cat Facts

Recent genetic studies show that domestic cats are descended from the eastern wildcats that diverged around 8,000 BCE in west Asia.

China still eats cats around 4 million every year.

There are 32 muscles in the cats outer ear compared to just 6 that the human has.

Humans and cats have been associated for over 10,000 years.

The domestic cat can jump 5 times their height from a stand still position.

In the US, cats have bitten approximately 40,000 people.

The cat will squeeze their eyes shut when they are happy.

Just when you think your cat is being affectionate, they are actually putting their scent on you by rubbing up against you.

When cats have cats, the largest litter known is 19 kittens. Only 15 survived. Most cats litters about 5-9 kittens.

Fully grown cats (adults) will only meow when they want to communicate with their human.

The common house cat has 3 eyelids.

The tail of the cat contains up to 10% of the bones in their body.

Cats are closely related to the tiger by sharing 95% of their DNA.

Fun Cat Facts

There are more than 70 cat breeds worldwide.

Did you know that cats can not taste sweetness?

A clowder is what you call a group of cats.

A male cats is called a Tom cat. A female cat is called a Molly or Queen. Young cats are called Kittens.

Cats are long termed pet, they can live up to 12- 15 years on average.

Does your cat hunt mice or rats? They have flexible bodies that allow them to be predators for these small pest.

Cats do not like water because their coats do not insulate them well when it gets wet. However, there are some breeds that love water such as the Turkish Van cat.

Cats can run up to 31 mph when chasing mice, even faster for shorter distances.

Can you hear me now? Cats can make up to 100 vocal sounds while dogs only make about 10.

Unknown Cat Facts

As you might have expected, cats sleep about 70% of their lives.

Cats will conserve their energy by sleeping on average about 13-14 hours per day.

A cats hearing is far better than dogs. They can hear higher frequencies and up to 2 octaves higher than you the human.

The brain of the cat is more similar to the human brain than the dogs. The region of the brain for both the human and the cat that controls emotion is similar.

A french cat named “Felicette” was the 1st cat in space in 1963. She was blasted into outer space to analyze the neurological function of her brain.

The cats nose is the fingerprint compared to humans.

Cats will sweat through their paws.

Cats are dreamers. They have the same brain activity in wave patterns as do the human.

Cats will not see anything directly below their nose. So, do not hold the treat to close.

“Unsinkable Sam” was a cat that survived 3 separate ships sinking during World War 2 (WW2).

Hard To Believe Cat Facts

A handful of cats have been known to survive a fall of over 32 stories (105 meters) onto a concrete sidewalk. Their survival was attributed to their “righting” reflex.

One of the largest cats measured to about 48.5 inches in length. This is fully stretched out.

The smallest cat is called a “Tinker Toy” and they are just 2.75 inches tall.

Cats have been spies. The US spent $20 million in the 1960s to train them to spy on Soviets.

Ancient Egyptians would shave their eyebrows to mourn the death of a cat.

In ancient Egypt, you can get the death penalty for killing a cat.

The Japanese believe that black cats are good luck.

In Russia, there is a theater where all the actors are cats.

One female cat has been known to produce 420 kittens during her breeding life. Her name was Dusty.

A cat called “CC”, short for carbon copy, was the 1st cloned cat.

No where but Switzerland! They still eat dogs and cats as it is legal in this country.

Th kidney of the cat can re hydrate by drinking seawater.

Cats Are Healthy Or Not

Studies show that owning a cat can potentially reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke by 33%.

A neutered male cat will live longer 62% of the time.

Japan and Korea have Cat Cafes. This is were you can go to have coffee while hanging out with cats.

A cat’s litter box can contain Toxoplasmosis if the cat is infected. This will affect the pregnancy of it’s owner so watch out!

Chocolate is deadly to cats as it is to dogs as well.

86,000 people are injured each year by tripping over their cat or dog.

The cat can become addicted to tuna and refuse to eat anything else.


Many people in history have enjoyed cats. Abraham Lincoln’s hobby was cats. He actually had a cat eat on the dinner table during a formal Presidential White House dinner.

Have you learned a lot about cats?

I hope so. This was educational for me as well to learn these cat facts.

Cats are mysterious and intriguing animals. Their mystique has been around for a long time.

I would love to hear about your experiences with cats by leaving a comment below.






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