Don’t Jump that Fence! Invisible Dog Fence

Do you have a jumper?

I mean a dog that likes to jump your fence and roam the neighborhood.

My dogs are too small to jump my fence, but my daughter has a large dog (his name is Major) that sees the fence as merely a challenge every time he comes over to visit.

Her dog is a mix between a Belgium Shepard and a Boxer, which makes him a large dog of about 80-90 lbs and he looks like Marmaduke.

Her dog is not aggressive my any means, but his sheer size will intimidate anyone that he walks or runs up to if they do not know him.

His ability to get out takes away from the pleasure of his visits and he violates the lease law every time he gets loose.

I have never needed or even considered an electric or invisible fence for training a dog his/hers boundaries until now. It is not only for my level of comfort, but for the safety and well-being of my daughter’s dog, Major.

In this article we will review my research and discuss what invisible fences are, if they are dangerous, are they just for dogs, and my recommendation of some of the top invisible fences available on the market today.

What is an Invisible Dog Fence?

Back in the early 1970s, a traveling salesman by the name of Richard Peck was troubled by all the stray dogs he witnessed running loose and not contained in a yard or fenced area.

This made him think what would be a good and effective way of containing the dogs without a fence and the expense that comes with building one.

Peck partnered up with an electrical engineer and came up with the idea of a wired boundary that work in conjunction with a dog collar.  Hence, the idea of an electric dog fence was born and Peck quickly patented the invention.

Over the years this original idea has evolved into two types of dog fences, the in ground electric and the wireless dog fence.

The in ground electric fence is a buried wire that is installed around the boundary that you want to contain your dog in and it interacts with a receiver on the dog’s collar.

The dog will not cross the underground wire without getting a correction signal on their collar.

A wireless fence works with a centralized transmitter that transmits to boundary flags that you have set up in the area that you want to contain your dog in.

These flags interact with the receiver on the dog’s collar. If the dog tries to cross the flagged area, the transmitter will send a correction signal to the dog’s collar.

This technology has even evolved to the indoor fence option where you can set boundaries for your dogs inside your house.

Are They Dangerous?

When it is difficult or undesirable to build a physical fence to keep you dog in a specific area, then the invisible fence might be a good option. With this type of fence, it does come with some caution and things some dog owners might not agree with.

The collar is set to receive a signal to let the dog know where the boundary is. This signal is typically an electric shock or a strong vibration.

Some dog owners may not agree with these methods of correction.

The invisible fence is designed to keep your dog in the predefined area that you choose. However, this does not keep other animals or people out of that area.

So if you have aggressive dogs that roam your neighborhood, this will not protect your dog from them.

If your dog is of some aggressive nature or you can not trust them around strangers, this type of fence may not be for you as it will allow strangers or other people into that area.

Then a physical fence is the best option for you and your best assurance against having any issues with your dog or neighbors.

If you have pregnant dogs, do not use this type of correction on them. Only use this type of correction only after a puppy is 6 months old or older.

Not Just for Dogs, Cats too!

This technology is not just for the dogs. You can benefit from this for your cat if they like to go outside and roam. Cats are known to roam large areas and can be prone to get confused and lost. The invisible fence for your cat might be the best solution.

High Five! 5 Top Invisible Dog Fences

I have listed 5 of the most popular invisible dog fences for you to consider and hopefully I can help you narrow your search for the best fence for you and your pet.

The best prices that I have found are at Amazon and I have provided the links below for your convenience.

  • SportDOG

  • PetSafe

  • Perimeter Technologies

  • ProfessionPet

  • High Tech Pet

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the invisible dog/cat fence may or may not be for everyone, but it has proven to be a great technology to help keep your pet contained to a specific area.

If you are like me and you have large yard, then this might be for you. No one wants their dog/cat to run free especially if the county or city you live in has leash laws that need to be respected.

If you do not prefer this technology to help keep your dog/cat safe, then read this article I wrote on dog/cat trackers.

This is another excellent way to protect you favorite pet and if they get loose, you will be able to find them quickly.

I actually have a great product review on one of the most popular dog trackers called the Whistler.

No matter what type of system you choose, the overall goal is to protect and safe guard you best friend.

My goal here was to show you my research and discuss what invisible fences are, if they are dangerous, are they just for dogs, and my recommendation of some of the top invisible fences available on the market today.

I hope I have succeeded.

The best prices are at Amazon and I have provided the links above for your convenience to purchase!

I hope you have found this article of great value and help in choosing your guardian for your pet.

If you have any questions or comment, please leave those below and I will get back to you ASAP.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Jump that Fence! Invisible Dog Fence

  1. Very good article. I personally don’t have any pets. If I ever get one this looks like the best way to keep them at bay, from running at free will. A very nicely laid out Website, great pictures and in the right place. I will refer your Website to people I find that can use this device for their pets.

    1. Thanks for the comment and referrals. I very much appreciate that.

      This is a very good way to keep these wondering pets at bay. I live in the country and this is a problem for me as my dogs take off every chance they get.

      I have many neighbors that have invisible fences and they love them. This is what I love about our ever changing technological advances, even for our pets.

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