Stop Itching! Best Cat Flea Treatment

If you were a flea, what would you want?  Much like our humanly needs, so does the common cat flea want the same. They are looking for a comfortable place to live, a good supply of nutrients (food), a chance to raise a family, and a place surrounded by a lot of friends. Your fluffy … Continue reading “Stop Itching! Best Cat Flea Treatment”

Natural Pet Food Solutions

What is a “natural” pet food? Does it mean the food is unprocessed, derived from natural sources, or organically grown; What? Many questions have been asked about this very topic by many consumers.   When I go to buy pet food for my dogs, I really question in my mind if the natural pet food … Continue reading “Natural Pet Food Solutions”

The Best Pet Supplies, Why I Do This!

Welcome to this site. I hope you find this site helpful and fulfilling for your needs.  I have been a life long pet owner and I currently have 3 dogs within my family. Now that I am retired from the energy and engineering business, I am always looking for the best and most practical (and … Continue reading “The Best Pet Supplies, Why I Do This!”