Dog Toys; Aggressive Chewers!

There are simple pleasures in life for most dogs, Running, playing in mud, rolling in the dirt, and of course chewing. This is all natural for our canine friends. Why does my puppy want to chew on everything? Chewing at the puppy stage should not be discouraged because it natural for them and is essential … Continue reading “Dog Toys; Aggressive Chewers!”

Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats, A Product Overview

Product: Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats Price: $54.99 Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon Guarantee: 100% Guarantee of $$ back Customer Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Seresto Flea and Tick for your Cat Last summer living in the south as I do, the flea population hit us hard. Our winter was very mild … Continue reading “Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cats, A Product Overview”

Stop Itching! Best Cat Flea Treatment

If you were a flea, what would you want?  Much like our humanly needs, so does the common cat flea want the same. They are looking for a comfortable place to live, a good supply of nutrients (food), a chance to raise a family, and a place surrounded by a lot of friends. Your fluffy … Continue reading “Stop Itching! Best Cat Flea Treatment”

Natural Pet Food Solutions

What is a “natural” pet food? Does it mean the food is unprocessed, derived from natural sources, or organically grown; What? Many questions have been asked about this very topic by many consumers.   When I go to buy pet food for my dogs, I really question in my mind if the natural pet food … Continue reading “Natural Pet Food Solutions”

Fido, don’t bark! Fido, come here!…dog training collars!

Does anyone really enjoy the company of a dog that frequently barks for no reason or does not obey the simplest commands? No! This is exactly what drove me to find the right training for my dog(s).  As I began to look online, the choices for obedience training became quite confusing and overwhelming. The cost … Continue reading “Fido, don’t bark! Fido, come here!…dog training collars!”

The Best Pet Supplies, Why I Do This!

Welcome to this site. I hope you find this site helpful and fulfilling for your needs.  I have been a life long pet owner and I currently have 3 dogs within my family. Now that I am retired from the energy and engineering business, I am always looking for the best and most practical (and … Continue reading “The Best Pet Supplies, Why I Do This!”